Williams aims to return to play for the Ghosts next season

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Norwich City full-back Brandon Williams is targeting a return to Manchester United next season.

Williams joined Norwich City on a loan for the 2021-22 season after making his debut in Manchester United’s first team for the 2019-20 season. But was given limited playing ufabet time in the season.

Next Although Williams’ personal performances are not as impressive as Norwich’s. The 21-year-old defender still wishes to return to Manchester United next season despite competition. will be higher.

“What I want to do next year is to play for Manchester United at left-back. That’s my job I can and it’s what I intend to do. Because it is my life. And I will do whatever it takes for that,” Williams said. Williams signed a new contract with Manchester United in 2020, staying at Old Trafford until 2024, with an extension until 2025.

What I like about him specifically is he has that look in his eye of someone that would eat his opponents nose to win the match. Keep going kid! Oh he can play football to which is always a bonus.”

Interim boss Ralf Rangnick has told Ten Hag he must perform an “open heart operation” at United this summer. Pundits are now expecting several players to join and leave the squad over the coming months, with Williams hoping to re-join.