The future of Jorginho Wijnaldum

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Jorginho Wijnaldum was one of the hottest players this past summer, with many clubs swarming after his contract with Liverpool expired.

The future of Jorginho Wijnaldum was highly scrutinized after parting with the Reds and at the time Barcelona was one of the favorites for the Netherlands midfielder.

But there was a snatching incident in the air that the fans were equally shocked. From the event that it is finished, the Spanish team of course already. But in the end, Paris Saint-Germain Leaping onto the field, snatching away 

That is the stage that everyone knows because ‘Gini’ has now become a PSG player and has the opportunity to perform in the Ligue 1 stage. 

However, to delve into the background and possibilities The person who can confirm the best is probably the player who opened up about what happened last summer.

Almost moved to PSG in 2015… 

“Yes, it’s true. The first contact came in 2014 after the World Cup. PSG wanted to bring me to the team but I wanted to stay with PSV for a year to try and become the Dutch League champions before leaving. I also want to stay at Memphis Depay. The previous season I suffered a lengthy injury and felt I owed it to the fans. I stayed and we won the league. After that, I had a more open mind to moving teams. But at that point I didn’t really feel the need to sign me. I chose Newcastle, the team that really wanted me. and show clarity to me.”

The reason I moved here this year… 

“As I said You go with your feelings. a few months ago I want to stay at Liverpool, but the details have not evolved. I don’t feel like they want to keep me. In such a case, you have to move on. Barcelona walks in i am really happy Because it’s been my dream club since I was a kid. Just as many famous Dutch players have played for them. Although I used to say that my favorite is Zinedine Zidane, a Real Madrid player, I would like to sign for Barcelona. Yet, final negotiations took a long time and suddenly PSG came in. Unlike six years ago, the club expressed their desire to take over me. It was a time for me to look beyond this.”

Interests from other teams

“There were talks with Bayern Munich, but they started to back off. I also spoke to Inter Milan, a team that impressed me a lot. with the attitude of being a player that the team wants”