South Korea, land of archers occupy the throne of the olympic games

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According to the understanding of many sports fans, the selling point of South Korea is inevitable Taekwondo. As the origin of this martial art And the whole nation should have expected the results of this sport quite a bit.

However, at the 2020 Olympic Games, South Korea did not have any gold medals in Taekwondo. Which is consider unbelievable as well.

The sport in South Korea is dance nowadays. That turn into archery competition The white ginseng target army has done a really good job.

After sweeping only one nation, 4 gold medals are available to compete. When the 2016 Olympic Games come to Tokyo this time, they compete for 5 gold medals, South Korea still has 4 golds, missing only one medal.

I believe that many people watching sports will have doubts. Why are South Koreans so good at archery? Either in the retro series or in real life.

First reason: Bows have been a staple weapon of the Korean army for a long time, dating back to 500 BC. Evidence has emerged that the Ginseng soldiers fought on horseback and fired arrows at their enemies.

The Korean army was regarded as extremely formidable. Because they fight without the need for heavy armor. Be agile and attack from a distance with a skillful bow with precision.

Number two: with a long history Archery training is also included in the Korean education system. The children will start learning from elementary school ever.

However, the child will not be able to hold a bow made with real tendons. But use rubber bands first. which the teacher will teach the basics of body regulation It’s important to have the right shot position.

Number three: Athletes train like crazy. Each of them practiced more than 10 hours a day, using more than 2500 arrows a week.

Combined with the habit of Koreans who work hard and don’t give up easily, it’s no wonder that the country’s major sports training is much tougher than that of other athletes.

The last thing : Let’s have fun together. South Korea doesn’t just train or organize competitions among athletes. But there are also festivals where artists and famous people come together to compete. Create a great interest in the general public. The kind that made a list published to foreign countries at all.

Even archery is the hard work of South Koreans. But it’s also fun. from nationalism plus an interesting cultivating approach Therefore, it should have an answer to the secret of the notorious world.