Patrice Evra has criticized the Turin

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Former Manchester united and Juventus player Patrice Evra has criticized the Turin superpower’s sloppiness. That saying there are now nine straight Italian league titles left over the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo. Come out, just slaughter the sacrificial goat.

The works of ‘ bien cattle Neri ‘ Season 2021-22 rotten worm is currently rank seventh grid points behind Napoli crowd 13 points as the ‘ CR 7’ clearance for Old Tampa FL. Ford is several months old.  

So Patrice Evra defended the 36- year-old Klerkaew as a scapegoat. The organizational structure and low-quality squad is only Juventus quality .  

” Because he ( Ronaldo ) needs to be love and respect, ” he said on ‘ La Repubblica ‘.

“ Cristiano knew his status in Turin. He would be a scapegoat if Juventus had a bad result. ” 

” However, many people forget that won Serie A was not an easy thing to death . The club Andrea of Dujail’s end goal is that they have a dual deck Lotto every year – not a position. Championship fight off . ” 

During the past five Ballon d’Or degrees , Turin media and Juve players scolded after being lazy to help defensive games. or even in a rehearsal session But the fact it appears that ‘ Zebra ‘ has ended the student status about ‘ CR .7’ .