Golf caddie suffers heatstroke in searing heat

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Golf caddie, Players struggled with the sweltering heat at the women’s Olympic golf course, with American caddy Lexi Thompson pulling out in the heat on Wednesday.

The afternoon heat index was 41C at Kasumigaseki Country Club, with players using umbrellas and putting ice on their heads to cool down.

Friday’s forecast has prompt Canada and Sweden to request the Women’s Football Final be delay from 11am local time.

There are concerns about the welfare of the players and the current kick-off time.

“Temperatures in Tokyo will rise in the next few days. With a daytime high of 34 or maybe 35C in the capital on Thursday. And it’s only a degree or colder on Friday. High humidity is also expect. BBC weather forecaster Nikki Berry say.

Berry added that the current temperature was 31C above the August average. And the heat can affect marathon events and weekend running races.

Golf officials are considering finishing the 54-hole women’s tournament after forecasting Friday’s thunderstorms and potentially bad weather over the weekend.

They issue a statement saying players should not play more than 18 holes in a day. Meanwhile, heat relief measures will be apply for Thursday’s second round. Including ‘umbrellas available on the first podium for all players/caddies. Wagon with ice and cold Towels and volunteers with umbrellas on each tee’

Madeleine Sagstrom of Sweden took the lead after just five-under-par 66 in Wednesday’s opening round, with world number one Nellie Korda of the United States and Aditi Asoke of the United States. India shoots farther

Ireland’s Leona Maguire is on par. While Great Britian’s Mel Reid and Jodie Ewart Shadoff are above two and three respectively.

‘I feel light’

On Tuesday past Yuka Saso, the Yuka Women’s Open champion of the United States. Had to replace her caddy due to the heat. Then Thompson lost Jack. Futon Caddy Caddy went on to play back nine of Wednesday’s first round.

Fulghum needed medical attention on the 15th hole, meaning U.S. golf coach Donna Wilkins stepped in to carry Thompson’s bag for the remainder of the round.

“I’m very worried about him. It’s very hot outside,” said Thompson. Who pays 1 over par 72.

“I’m from Florida and I’m not used to the heat.

“I just hope he’s okay and he gets the hydration he needs. Tonight’s nutrients will come in in the next few days, if not I’ll find something else. I just want him to be healthy.”

Korda, US Women’s PGA Champion Agree that it is difficult to deal with the heat.

“I think the mental aspect of it might be the hardest. Just because you have to keep yourself hydrate. And you lost some of it,” she said.

“When I hit the ball I definitely feel a little lighter.”

‘There is a huge difference in playing in the afternoon or evening’
Canada and Sweden are schedule to meet in a gold medal event in the hottest part of the day.

FIFA and the International Olympic Committee have been contacted to determine if the Games can be move.

“Mainly the health of the players we are thinking and trying to change the time of the game. There is quite a big difference between playing in the afternoon or in the evening. And we faced a lot of heat and heat,” said Sweden’s head of the women’s team Marika Domanski Lyfors.